Chip's Powersport's & Off-Road

Chip's Powersport's & Off-Road

Chip’s Powersport’s & Off-Road or Chip’s Buffalo Sports This guy is a joke an inconsiderate citidiot. Needs to stay in Buffalo. A man is only as good as his word. Great Valley New York!!. I had been having problems with my Arctic Cat 300 atv and needed a part. Stopped at this guys place and he said he would get me a price and let me know what it would be to order it in. I asked also about a part for my carberator. I had taken it apart to see how far I needed to go to rebuild it. I had it with me and he said first off that he never saw a part like I was asking about, he said someone must have drilled a hole in it. I knew it came that way but just smiled. Then he offered to rebuild for me and gave me a price of $80 total. Ok might as well I thought rebuild kit is around $40. So I left it with him. About a week later I asked my husband to check in and find out what was up. He never called at all on other price and I was wondering what he was doing. This is a week later. He tells my husband that he didn’t rebuild anything nor did he check on a price, he just blew me off. He told my husband he would order the rebuild kit for us and again after a week or so go to pick up and he tells us it wasn’t in stock. AGAIN NO PHONE CALL. this guy is a joke. He has no right being in any kind of business. I was brought up being told a person was only as good as thier word. This being the case please don’t waste your time on this guy. He is a no it all who knows nothing.

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