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Well it all started April 17, 2016 when i ordered a computer tablet for $49.00. A month later I received an apology email that they were unable to process my order because the item was no longer in stock and they would not be getting anymore. I would have preferred to get my money back, but they gave me a credit for my purchase plus 25% which came to $62.00. | I was hesitant but on June 15th I decided to order a shower head for $35.00. On June 19th I ordered something for my pet which was $24.00 . This should have all been under the $62.00 credit, but they they charged my dabit card. | Needles to say I still have not received any of my items, nor have I received any type of commuunication from them. I feel like they have stolen my money. I don’t have the patience to wait on the phone and be toggled back and forth betweeen departments. | Do Not Order from these people , They will Rip you off.

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  1. Molly Tukes
    June 17, 2020
  2. Shirlee Benya
    June 17, 2020
  3. Jacques Crescenti
    June 17, 2020
  4. Billye Belone
    June 17, 2020

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