Chris Castor

Chris Castor

Chris Castor Scooter- MechanicsMoto X Mechanixs Rip Off, thief Palm Harbor Florida!!. Found him off Craigslist and hired him to do some work on my 4 wheeler. This started in March, He did some work, said parts had to be ordered, I paid for parts and labor for what was done. Took a month for him to come back and install parts, didnt solve the problem. Said he would be back the next day, and nothing. For months have been trying to get a hold of this guy to finish the work. Hes been paid and is now blowing me off. He ripped me off, stole the money I gave him for the parts and never ordered the right ones. He doesnt take my calls, nothing. I have searched and searched, hes not licensed, his company name is fake, theres no street address for him. He can not be trusted at all.

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