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I had signed up for a pre-qualifying membership training which would have costed $1200 per month. There was going to be an initial “Consultation” with him to see if it was going to be “A Fit for both of us” and if it was not then the $100 fee for the “consultation” would be refunded. | After the 30 minute “consultation”, half of which time was spent on just idle chit-chat anyway, he said that he would send me the outline of a plan. One week went by and no email, so I decided that this perhaps was a ‘red-flag” and I consequently sent an email to him saying that I wasn’t interested in moving forward with the $1200 month plan. I followed up with his support email to enquire as to where my $100 refund was. A week later I received a personal email from Chris Farrell stating that he would not be refunding my $100 due to the fact that he had given up his time and it would not be fair for him to refund me! I specifically had stated that I had been misinformed about there being a ONE-SIDED “agreement” as to IF working together was going to be a fit. I had also requested to see the recording of the INVITE whereby it was SPECIFICALLY stated as such. I would never have paid the $100 for any such consultation had I known that it would be completely manipulated by the host (i.e. Chris Farrell). | I have been completely ripped-off by this person and I want my $100 back. The saving grace is that I didn’t lose anymore money from this scam artist.

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