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I am a certified CONSULTING HYPNOTIST, specializing in anxiety relief. I have studied & incorporate techniques from various schools of thought to help individuals turn down the fight-flight-freeze response to unresolved trauma triggers, &/or current stressors. My sessions have been described as “internal Aikido”! I incorporate techniques individually suited for clients’ needs/interests from interventions as diverse as kundalini yoga, transformational breathwork, brain gym, EFT, NLP, EMDR, RRT, RESET therapy, mindfulness meditation, cognitive-behavioral psychology, existentialism, transpersonal psychology, & Eriksonian hypnosis, to name a few. Our sessions are collaborative, dynamic, & educational. We always share a laugh or two as well.Sessions are 2 hours minimum; we can contract for more time as needed. Clients leave with free downloads & exercises they can immediately apply to reach treatment goals. Many people get the results they were looking for after only 1 session; some need more time, others come back for “tune ups”.We are present focused and results oriented in your session, keeping you moving towards your chosen goals at all times. I accept sliding fee for those in need, and can arrange to accept insurance in some circumstances. Check out my website for more information, scheduling options, & unsolicited testimonials.

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