Chris Powell

Chris Powell

Chris Powell Reputation Hero Evolver Evolver the Canberra Web Design and Digital Agency Canberra Digital Agency Evolver identity theft, internet fraud, cyber-bully, cyber-crime, harassment, theft of service, thief, liar, defamation of character Canberra Australian Capital Territory!!. We were approached in the United States Via Facebook Messenger by Chris Powell in Canberra Australia. He knew everything about my business and the global company I represent. Upon the conversation, he told me while we were in communication on messenger that he bought a URL similar to the company I represent and together we would be able to profit and sell it to the company I work with. We requested that he cancel that purchase because it is out of integrity. Which he did. He then offered to help build my clients new website who is a dentist, he said he would stay behind the scenes and a week later, the work was on his YouTube Channel. We contacted YouTube stating Chris Powell is in trademark infringement and has no right to post my clients content on his YouTube and the Video was removed. Fool me once OK,fool me twice, my bad, fool me three times, what was I thinking? Chris Powell kept on emailing with ideas that I thought were OK. So as time heals all wounds, I sent him 300.USD to work on the Website of another Client. He did not respond to acknowledge he received the money and 8 days later when the Website was finished without him, I requested he return the money. This was his response: —–Original Message—– From: Chris Powell Sent: Tuesday, November 14, 2019 2:13 PM Subject: Re: Hey Excuse? I was working on it ya d***head. I was in process of renaming all the images because the way you had done was just chucking the s*** up there, no naming strategy nothing. I was reworking all your s***. You are really outta line. f*** me, you carry on like a $2 watch. Chris Powell Another email was sent threatening me about a URL he had purchased and he is going to defame me. —–Original Message—– From: Chris Powell Sent: Friday, November 17, 2019 11:30 AM Subject: Re: Hey take me on in my world? Should see what I just registered! Chris Powell Chris Powell stole 300.00 dollars from me and is now harassing me and threatening me. For someone to threaten that he bought a URL insinuating defamation of character, who clearly on our first conversation did just that in purchasing a company I represent similar .net URL I feel threatened and in danger. Chris Powell lives in the outback of Australia and is clearly a predator reaching out to others via the internet in other countries because he cannot work in his own community. I hope this report helps others not to be taken, threatened, and harassed by this man.

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