Christian Biker Tabernacle

Christian Biker Tabernacle

The woman who runs this program is mean, power tripping, expects the girls to basically worship her and bow down to her, she does not listen, posts favorites just an all around horrible person. I was not going to be allowed to attend the permanency planning staffing that would decide whether i would get my kids returned to me or adopted out. The only food that was provided was donated, a large majority of which was rotting and expired. A huge box of individual boxed macaroni and cheese had been expired for over 3 years and had bugs in it and she would not let us throw it out. Produce was rotting. My housemates and I were worked non stop doing work on the house and for the pastor, feeding the homeless and working at world vision distribution center, which was rewarding but I was promised that I’d be given credit for community service hours that I needed for a court case I had, in order to stay out of jail. She refused to give me credit or verification of the over 40+ hours community service I did whole i was there, and it wasn’t light work, it was losing and unloading a flatbed truck with over 1,000 pieces of siding and over 600 pieces of trim which accounted for about 16 hours, preparing and cleaning up and serving the homeless lunch which accounted for about 8 hours, warehouse work at world vision accounted for 18 hours, and prepping and painting 3 rooms in the house we lived in which the walls had black mold which was why we were painting that accounted for about 8-10 hours that i myself performed. From start to finish from when I started talking to this woman until I left the program, was over a month and a half of time I didn’t have to waste, and it was a complete and utter waste of time. I now refer to the program as Reva’s Ranch, not God’s Ranch as the God i know would never dwell within this woman or her farce of a program. She took every medication I brought with me, which I had just refilled so I’d have them to take while I was there, and threw it in the garbage, forcing me to detox off 4 mental health medications which to me seems medically negligent. So I couldn’t even get them refilled when I left there because my insurance company wouldn’t pay for them because it was too soon. This woman is straight evil and should not be running a program that represents God.

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