Christian Brothers Automotive

Christian Brothers Automotive

Christian Brothers Automotive Didn’t fix my mom car right, over charged!!!! Cedar Hill Texas!!. I would give them 0 stars if I could. NEVER go there. Christian Brothers are not Christians donu2019t be deceived by the name. My mom spent over 2k within 2 months and her car want even start and she went back 2 additional times and each time they tell her itu2019s something else and expect her to pay hundreds of more dollars. On July 2018 my mother went in to get her car (2006 PT Cruiser) repaired she was told she would get a diagnostics and that fee would go toward repairs she paid a total of $1234.23 for cooling system performance test $54.50. Radiator-Replace $489.55, Thermostat and Gasket-replace $185.83, Front Brake Service $341.93, Engine Oil Pressure Switch $80.28, total parts $496.09, Labor $656, shop supplies $39, sales tax $44.14 and the car was still not running right. So she went back three weeks later and paid $761.86 Replace A/C Hose Assembly $231.18, Evacauate And Recharge A/C System $156.16, Install Thread Insert in oil Pan $147.95, Replace All Drive Belts $172.70, Total Parts $281.89, Total Labor $425.10, Shop Supplies $28.28 other fees $1.00 sales tax $25.59 after 5-6 days the AC stopped working, so she called and sent the car back. Where she was told they didnu2019t work on the AC and it would be another charge they estimate $ 968.61 to replace a/c evaporator core parts $167.38 labor $763 shop supplies $22.56 tax $15.67, so she left without getting it fixed. September 18, 2018 while on her way to work she drove off a block away the car completely cut off, so she called me to help her push it home. The next day I called them and spoke with James he asked me what was wrong with the car and I replied if I was the mechanic I wouldnu2019t call you. And my mother had spent just about 2k less than a 2 month period and the car sounded raggedy and the AC didnu2019t work and I wanted to know what exactly did she pay for. James replied what did I expect for a high mileage vehicle then said he would get the tow to come pick it up. So she had it towed there then Steven called and said $99.95 for Diagnostics, when I called to talk to him about the fee he stated she never had one, how can that be with the two services she received, I guess they just came up with something to charge her for since he claims she never received it before and $95 for a wrecker James never said she would be charged to come get the car in which was 1.3 miles away, she has AAA she could have gotten it told from them a service she already pays for, so that was extra money she didnu2019t have to spend if she knew they was going to charge for picking the car up. Steven gave her an estimate of $469.87 for a Fuel Pump in which she declined, Steven said your daughter was upset, my mom said yes because if you knew my car wasnu2019t good enough to fix why didnu2019t you say that up front instead of me wasting money. Steven replies, we canu2019t advise you. Steve also stated to my mom I thought you were getting rid of this car, hmmm, it doesnu2019t matter what she was going to do with the car, she paid for a service not a half job. Now how does any of this make sense, she will NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER go back!!!!!

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