Christian Brothers Automotive, Frisco, TX

Christian Brothers Automotive, Frisco, TX

Christian Brothers Automotive Refused to fix problem and honor warranty Frisco Texas!!. Took my ’02 Xterra in to have the AC fixed because it was blowing hot. They said that the hoses needed to be replaced and the system charged but that may not be all. They called at the end of the day saying it was fixed and I owed them $861. Driving off the lot it blew hot air. When I returned later they said “we told you it may not be fixed”. They then told me a switch was needed and it would be another $200 to fix. I asked them to honor their warranty to fix the AC and they refused. I asked them to fix it one final time and honor that warranty and they said they would only honor the switch being fixed and they feel sure that is the problem. When I got home it took no more than five minutes of searching on line to discover this is a common problem with this model Xterra. I also found several sites that describe the issue and how to fix it, including pictures. I feel that this CBA purposly misled me on the repair and is now refusing to honor their warranty. I even offered to work with them by paying for the switch if they would throw in the labor and they refused. In their defense I have had good luck up to now with repairs but this episode will prevent me from ever giving any CBA my business again. I

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