Christian Brothers Automotive

Christian Brothers Automotive

WWe brought our car to Christian Brothers in July. They told us our brake rotors needed to be resurfaced and we needed new pads. They did the job stating the rotors were resurfaced and new ceramic brake pads were installed (over $200). Within 21 days we moved from Orlando to Las Vegas, in that same week, the brakes began to squeak. Then within 5 days they were vibrating. We immediately brought the care to a certified Mitsubishi mechanic. | He stated the brakes were seized and we needed new brakes, Mitsubishi agreed. It took the mechanic two days to soak and remove the brakes. The rotors we original and never resurfaced. The brake pads were distroyed, as everything was fused togther, and they were not ceramic but a cheap metal pad. The new job, to get the brakes restored was over $400. | We contacted Christian Brothers and gave them the mechanics number and we had the mechanic call them several times. Weeks later, they never spoke with the mechanic and are stating that we would have to bring the car back to them (traveling from Las vegas to Orlando). | We sent them detailed receipts, phone numbers and offered pictures. They have refused to refund any monies and insist they did it right.

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  1. Ellis Hoffelmeyer
    June 17, 2020

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