christian brothers jones bridge

christian brothers jones bridge

christian brothers jones bridge inexperienced workers/worksmanship alpharetta, Georgia!!. let me start by saying that i have 4 years of experience working on automobiles, mostly german cars. today, i took my 2002 toyota camry into the jones bridge location of christian brothers, i came in to use a “free oil change” coupon that i had. after waiting about an hour and a half, they told me that they were unable to change my oil because they were unable to remove the drain plug and were afraid that they would strip it and damage my oil pan. they told me that my oil drain plug was not the right type and that removing it would strip the oil pan and require a new one. i have all service records for the vehicle since 2002 (i bought the vehicle from my grandfather who purchased it new in 2002 and has taken it to toyota everytime since). since i have bought the vehicle the only service work done was a battery change that i did myself oustide of autozone. afterwards the car responds funny for the first couple of drives. this is the active intelligence system in the car “relearning” its parameters for operation because the electrical system was cut off entirely, and this is completely normal for this car. when i got the car back, not only was my oil not changed, but the car stalled out at the very next light. upon re-cranking the engine, the car was idling rough and had a hard time getting started from a dead stop. i had to run the car for 3 drive cycles before it would continue running normally (this is standard toyota protocol to run 3 drive cycles after battery disconnection to resume normal function), which tells me that my battery was disconnected at some point. there is no need to disconnect a battery for an oil change in this car, or in any car as far as i am experienced. since getting home i have purchased an oil change kit from my local advanced auto parts. this included 5 quarts conventional motor oil ( my car only requires 4), an oil filter, and i purchased a new oil drain plug seal. i brought the car back home, changed my oil with no problems and the car is running fine again. the only thing that i can think is that this company wanted to charge me for work that was not necessary, and parts that were not needed as well. this will be the last time i ever use a coupon for an oil change, or take my vehicle to a repair shop that i am unfamiliar with. i would not reccomend this company to ANYONE!

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