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I am a licensed Psychologist. I earned a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology and have been providing clinical services for over 15 years. I enjoy working with adults and older adults (18+) going through life transitions, relationship challenges or identity exploration, or those experiencing grief and loss, depression, anxiety, postpartum depression, eating disorders, complex trauma, or recent trauma. I provide couples therapy. I am also an EMDR provider, an evidence-based treatment for trauma. I have native fluency both in Spanish and in English. I also conduct immigration evaluations.My approach is mainly psychodynamic and trauma informed. Initially we will focus on helping you cope in healthier ways, and once you are feeling more empowered, we then explore the underlying components of your symptoms in order to achieve long-lasting healing. I sincerely look forward to hearing from youMy goal is to help you recognize, understand and have compassion for how you may have developed less-than-ideal ways of dealing with specific areas of your life. In addition, you will learn about tools, how to use them and more importantly – how to recognize when to use them.

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