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Hello and thanks for checking out my profile! I believe all human behavior is driven by our thoughts and feelings, and our ability to cope with our emotions. My goal is to work with you to produce positive and sustainable changes that will lead to a more content and fulfilling life. I focus on the ‘here and now’, because unfortunately, we cannot change the past, but we can control what we do today and moving forward. My philosophy of therapy allows you to express yourself in a non- judgmental, unbiased, confidential environment and walk out feeling more aware, knowledgeable and empowered. I truly believe laughter is the best medicine, and I try to instill a sense of humor in my practice. Don’t buy into the social stigma of emotional therapy equaling weakness. CEO’s, professional athletes, rock stars, doctors, lawyers, youtubers, podcasters, and even therapists, go to therapy. The most difficult part of therapy is making the 1st appointment.Mad, sad, happy, afraid…all our behaviors stem from these four basic emotions. When I was young, I suffered several significant losses. I wasn’t able to recognize their psychological magnitude until I became an adult. I needed help, so I went to therapy. It took time to find someone I felt comfortable with, but when I did, it made a world of difference.

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