Christopher E Yeazell Law Offices Of Yeazell And Sweet

Christopher E Yeazell Law Offices Of Yeazell And Sweet

Christopher E Yeazell Law Offices Of Yeazell And Sweet, Law offices of Yeazell and Sweet NIGHTMARE DIVORCE AFTER HIRING CHRISTOPHER E YAEZELL Clearwater Florida!!. $5,000.00 dollars and no RESULT! Let me start from the beginning… I decided to divorce my husband in November 2017, because he was physical, verbal, and mental abusive to my kids and I. However, the divorce is still pending (2018). I did some research online to find the best attorney for my case. I called the attorney when I was at home alone. Surprisedly he answer the phone because it was after hours. I said my name is Lisa and I was looking for a divorce attorney. Attorney Christopher E Yeazell said, u201cwhatu2019s going on?u201d I said I want to divorce my husband and he make most of the money. I used to own a laundromat in Dallas, Texas. Also, I had a house build from the ground. Then I met my husband I sold everything to marry him and relocated to Florida. During the marriage he stated he did not want me to work. Therefore, I am asking for Alimony and my husband said he was not going to pay me no alimony. Christopher said, u201che can say whatever he wants to say, what he will not do, but the law says another thing. He donu2019t make the laws.u201d Do you have any more questions for me? I said, how long have you been attorney? Christopher said, for thirty years and the Judges know us well, because they see us all the time. I said, u201cOkay… Then you are my man! When can I come in to see you?u201d He said tomorrow will be fine. I said, u201cHow much do you charge?u201d He said $3,500.00. The next day I hired Christopher. He charged me $3,500.00 plus $500.00 that he didnu2019t tell me about on the phone. Total $4,000.00. Few months later, My husband was REMOVE FROM OUR HOME BECAUSE OF DVI (Domestic Violence Injection). Ordered by the Judge. The domestic violence shelter provided me a FREE ATTORNEY through their program. Christoper said he charger $2,000.00 more to represent me in that case. However, I didnu2019t have money to pay him. I paid Christopher to represent my divorce case with my credit card. A month later, we went to Mediation. Christopher said I was being far about my SETTLEMENT. However, my husband wouldnu2019t agree with the Alimony. Christopher never show them what my SETTLEMENT was with the properties inside our home. I was giving my husband more then I. Christopher said, u201cWhy donu2019t you drop the DVI?u201d I WAS SHOCKED AT WHAT I WAS HEARING! The Mediator (a woman) said, (Shock looking), u201cChris, I DONu2019T AGREE WITH THAT. WE ARE NOT IN HERE TO TALK ABOUT THE DVI, and we are not suppose to. That is another case and ordered by the JUDGE. I am not going to talk about that!!u201d Our case was not settle. A few months later, Christopher never called me to try and settle our case. His assistance Robin, keep asking me for documents I already given her in 2019 when I file for the divorced. Also, my husband Attorney is saying the same things. Christopher and his assistance Robin is unorganized and UNPROFESSION. Consequently, causing this marriage the dragged out! THEN CHRISTOPHER HAD THE NERVE TO ASK ME FOR ANOTHER $1,000.00 DOLLARS, AND NO RESULTS…! His assistance Robin emailed me and said, (This is copy of the original email) (Robin) Billing Statement dated June 22, 2018 Mr. Yeazell is requesting at this time that you replenish your account in the amount of $1,000. The billing cycle ends at the end of the month (Friday) Please call by Friday with your Replenishment. (Lisa) I don’t have any more money. He told me at the mediation that I don’t have to give him any more money. He supposed to ask the husband for his attorney fees if he need more money. (Robin) I will give him your reply He has in his office the other email regarding the home. (Robin) Pursuant to Mr. Yeazell, this is absolutely not the case. This is not how attorneys do business. Please refer to your Retainer Agreement. If there is no money in Trust we have not choice but to withdraw from the case. After this I paid the $1,000.00 on my credit card. I took this as an THREAT! Therefore, I REPORTED CHRISTOPHER TO THE FLORIDA BAR. He is now been INVESTAGATED. Next, the send me this letter; Dear Ms. P: In light of the Florida Bar Complaint you have made against this firm, we have no choice but to file a Motion To Withdraw from your case. It is clear that you have no understanding of this process, (despite our firm addressing the issues many times), or your obligation pursuant to your retainer agreement. We have, in fact, greatly minimized your bill because of your difficult financial situation. For example, the retainer agreement is clear that legal assistants bill at $100.00 an hour. My assistant has many hours into your case and we have charged you nothing for her services. The remainder of the bill is correct. If there is a specific entry you have questions on I am happy to address that item with you. Your bill is well below what most firms would have charged you at this point in the litigation. You will likely discover this as fact when you hire a new attorney. In regard to the discovery, the Court requires that it be completed in detail and updated regularly. Although this is inconvenient, it is required by law. We just received updated discovery last week from your Husband. In regard to your case “dragging out”, your case has not resolved because you and your husband have not agreed to a settlement, not for any other reason. No attorney can force two parties to agree. We can only argue your case to the Court if you do not agree. Since you have not agreed, the next step is a trial which is expensive. I have indicated to you that we would ask the Court to order your husband to assist with your attorney’s fees but there is no guarantee that the Court will grant your Motion For Attorney’s Fees. See the attached Motion that we prepared on your behalf. You have never been advised that you were not responsible to pa}’ your fees. PLEASE REVIEW YOUR RETAINER AGREEMENT. Ms. Lisa Peterson July 24, 2018 Page two of two We are attempting to schedule our Motion To Withdraw for August 8, 2018 at the same time as the Case Management Conference. Until I am withdrawn by the Court, I am obligated ethically to continue to represent your interest. I will minimize billing but you will be charged for the work that we are required to do. Finally, it is my understanding, that you have changed your mind regarding the sale of the house. If this is accurate, please advise and we will enter into a stipulation to sell the home and ask the opposing counsel to cancel their motion regarding the sale of the home set for August 8, 2018. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact our office. Sincerely, Christopher E. Yeazell, Esq. Christopher E. Yeazell, Esquire (Lisa my respond) July 25, 2018 To Mr. Christopher E Yeazell 1901 Ulmerton Rd Ste 435 Clearwater, FL. 33762-2326 Re: Complaint by Lisa P against Christopher E. Yeazell Dear Mr. Yeazell: I no longer need your services. Therefore, you can withdraw from my case IMMEDIATELY. I don’t need for you to come to Court on August 8, 2018. You can file your MOTION TO WITHDRAW ON YOUR OWN EXPENSE AND NOT MINE. (Christopher respond letter) JOINT STIPULATION AND ORDER ALLOWING CHRISTOPHER E. YEAZELL. ESQUIRE AND LAURIE K. SWEET, ESQUIRE OF THE LAW OFFICES OF YEAZELL AND SWEET TO WITHDRAW AS ATTORNEY OF RECORD FOR THE PETITIONER/WIFE COMES NOW, the Petitioner/Wife, LISA PETERSON, and Christopher E. Yeazell, Esquire and Laurie K. Sweet, Esquire, who agree and stipulate that Christopher E. Yeazell, Esquire and Laurie K. Sweet, Esquire of The Law Offices of Yeazell and Sweet will hereby withdraw from representation as attorney of -record for the Petitioner/Wife in this matter and in support state as follows: A. That parties agree that irreconcilable differences now exist between Christopher E. Yeazell, Esquire and Laurie K. Sweet, Esquire of the Law Offices of Yeazell and Sweet and the Petitioner/Wife, Lisa P, that make it an unreasonable financial burden to continue representing the Petitioner pursuant to Rule 4-1.16 (b) of the Rules Regulating the Florida Bar. B. The parties agree that a withdrawal of Christopher E. Yeazell, Esquire and Laurie K. Sweet, Esquire of The Law Offices of Yeazell and Sweet shall be accomplished without material adverse effect on the interests of the Petitioner. It is therefore ORDERED AND ADJUDGED as follows: 1. The Joint Stipulation Allowing Christopher E. Yeazell, Esquire and Laurie K. Sweet, Esquire of The Law Offices of Yeazell and Sweet to Withdraw as Attorney of Record for the Petitioner/Wife, Lisa P, is hereby APPROVED AND GRAFTED. 2. Christopher E. Yeazell, Esquire and Laurie K. (Lisa respond) Mr. Christopher E Yeazell, I disagree with your wording in your joint Stipulation. 1. No my complaint is not with the law firm, but with you as an individual, which I filed with The Florida Bar. 2. Yes I agree that you withdraw from my case because you are a scam, and unprofessional. 3. No I disagree with you keeping my files. The files belong to me and not you, so please return them because I paid for them. 4. I am asking that you return my money of $5000 which was paid to you and no results. I will write a review about my experience with you so that you will not be able to take advantage of another woman or their money.

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