Christopher Gordon

Christopher Gordon

Christopher Gordon ‘We the best’ ‘Unique Star Glamour’ Christopher Gordon Is A Complete Joke! Georgia!!. One day out of nowhere i get a call from this guy. I didnu2019t pick it up at first because if i donu2019t know the number i will not answer it. So i texted and asked “who is thisu201d and he claimed he was a photographer for playboy and “the money teamu201d or some sh*t like that. I believed him because i just applied to playboy like a day before so i thought it was really real. He claimed to have had 25 emails from me which are nowhere near true because i donu2019t recall sending anyone 25 emails but i went with it. They currently advertised for this music video in the past and in order for you to be “pickedu201d youu2019d have to pay a fee. I didnu2019t do any such thing but this was in the past. Anyways , he was pretty much selling me a dream and I ate it up. We met in a hotel room and he was with an upcoming artist who paid him to help with his music. He took him to Patchwerk. Nothin major. He wasnu2019t really even helping in the session and at the end of it all, the artist was saying Christopher was a scam and Christopher made me email a statement to his lawyer. I didnu2019t get to write the statement , he wrote it for me and i had to copy and paste it into my email and transfer it to the lady. Iu2019ve had a dark past and told Christopher about it and he seemed very open in listening. I used to escort so i was looking for a change in my life and he pretty much made it seem like he was going to help me with my brand even mentioning that he knows Chris brown and has been “textingu201d him. He showed me these messages between him & “Chris Brownu201d and Iu2019m pretty sure he used a texting app for that. He oddly has a MagicJack number that he used to text me on when I blocked his number. So Iu2019m pretty sure he texted himself and changed the name to “Chris Brownu201d lol. Anyone can do that. He never really handled any buisness when it came to me, all he wanted was sex. He got upset when i couldnu2019t see him due to car trouble and he called me a h*e then tried to lie and say it wasnu2019t him texting that. He oddly gets Moneygram transfers and a whole lot of them. He had $5000 just from picking up money. I believe he is scamming people still and thatu2019s how heu2019s collecting his cash. Heu2019s a pathological liar, he makes it seem like he can do all these things for you but does absolutely nothing. There was a statement on this same website about him being a good man but Iu2019m pretty sure he made the girl say that as well. He lied and said he didnu2019t have an Instagram when he does. He has a Instagram for “Unique Star Glamouru201d. He sent me pictures of his “modelsu201d that he shot and Iu2019m smart. I took the photo and reversed image and they were found on multiple websites such as Pinterest , google , etc. every single photo . So he literally takes fake photos, posts them on Instagram, and then pretends he shot them when he clearly did not. He did not brand those women nor did he shoot them. Heu2019s extremely disrespectful when he doesnu2019t get his way. Heu2019s a piece of sh*t who doesnu2019t follow through to his word. Do not fall for whatever he tells you! Heu2019s not genuine. And any rebuttal would be coming from either him or some girl he wrote a reply to copy and paste it under this report . Heu2019s a joke. Christopher Gordon is a nobody! He does not work for playboy, or “We the bestu201d music. He does not know anyone famous . Heu2019s a scammer.

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