Christopher Provenzano Affordable Tax Solutions CPA

Christopher Provenzano Affordable Tax Solutions CPA

Christopher Provenzano Affordable Tax Solutions CPA Lies about being a licensed CPA, scams women for CPA work, threatens and bullys Las Vegas Henderson Boulder City NV!!. Christopher Provenzano told me he needed cash to start doing my taxes. This was the first red flag, but I did it because he said he did not want the ladies in the office to know how much he was making and he made it seem like he was giving me a huge discount, so I did it. He did not do my taxes AT ALL, and admitted this in writting via text, but kept harassing me to give him another thousand dollars. I told him I did not have the money. He then said he was keeping my money and NOT doing my taxes. He has no retainer with me. He has no legal right to do this. He began harassing me. Strange people would call me and call me names like “w***e” the very day I started standing up to him. When I told him I did not have another $1k to give him, especially if he had not done any work, he became infuriated, calling me a crack addict. I am not. I do not use drugs. I am a single mother working multiple jobs. I called the office for help. The ladies in the front told me he scams people all the time and they have seen so many horrible things. They told me they were sorry. They put me on the phone with a man named Randy, saying he could maybe help. I kindly explained my troubles and he talked to Chris for me. He called me vback saying Chris had a totally different story and he would help me next Tuesday. This never happened. I have no enemies in the world. It has to be him. I called the state accountancy office to inquire about his license. They say he DOES NOT have a license, and they have recieved multiple complaints. They said he has been reffered to the sate attorneys office. We shall see what comes of that. I am pursuing him legally. I would warn anyone and everyone to stay away from him. He is NOT licensed. You can contact the State Accountancy board to verify that.

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  1. vic Orlando
    January 27, 2021

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