Chrome Rose Automotive

Chrome Rose Automotive

Chrome Rose Automotive Raffena Theft Fort Lauderdale Florida!!. I went to an Chrome Rose auto mechanics at 215 W State Rd 84, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315 for car maintenance and foolishly left a substantial amount of money in a car safe in the car. Only two people work there!! Both are the owners, the owner/mechanic, Tina, and the desk clerk/co owner Joel! They recently opened only a couple weeks I found out afterwards!! And this is what happens! RED FLAG! I picked up the car did not check the safe until a week later and found the money gone. because it went from their possession to my home, with the car door locked, behind a locked gate. I did not call police because of the time past away already, plus, what would they do in a he said, she said situation? Nothing. I placed my review to inform others of the theft. The owner responded as expected with denial and apologies but no solution or mention of investigating the claim, or firing the thief. Can’t or won’t fire the thief because they would have to close the doors of there shop? Allowing others in that work area is an insurance liability. The owner wrote I could call to discuss further. I felt, what was there to discuss, unless she was going to give my money back I wasn’t going to call to hear more denial. They expressed no responsibility or accountability for what happens on their property. Someone there broke into a safe to get that money!! But they said “we did all we could dispite our best efforts” How about locking peoples car doors, not allowing all your buddies in the work area and property or get psych help for yourself if you can’t resist. Then the boyfriend posts an excellent review (along with all her facebook buddies, friends and family) thinking that her work has anything to do with her responsibility for the theft. (A horse thief who stops stealing horses is still a horse thief) Brad Salas said “Chrome Rose gave me excellent service that I never received at other repair facilities & I’m confident they gave you the same as they are a new business & theft is the last thing they want on their plate. Maybe you need to be more careful with your money next time & not leave it in your car. Maybe that is why your losing your home because you’re financially irresponsible & maybe you should try a bank account instead of a safe in your vehicle. Enjoy living in your car” My response to boyfriend was “You have the same mentality as someone who would steal. You feel its OK to steal under any circumstances and its deserved by the people who are the victims. That’s the problem, no morals, no empathy, no conscientious.” BEWARE of Chrome Rose Automotive and the boyfriend!! I’m turning 63 this year, I have been unemployed for almost a year, my house is in foreclosure, I will be homeless sleeping in my car. That money, approximately $7,000.00 was all I had to survive off of after selling my belongings. I left the money in the car because I thought it would be safe in a safe! Along with the expectation that this company was trustworthy. Plus, I had to walk to rent a car for the day after being told it would take 8 hours which turned out to take till the next day because she felt someone elses car/truck problem was more important than mine (Joel informed me). I had came in on a Tuesday and was given an appointment for that Friday. I was there at opening and she still couldn’t get the car finished. Poor customer service.

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