Chrysler Failed to provide service promised!!. I purchased my 09 Dodge Ram on 21 Dec 2008. I also purchased the lifetime warranty with it. At that time I was told I need to take my truck into the service center every 5 Yearu2019s for the warranty to stay valid. On 30 Dec 2013, nine days past my vehicle purchase anniversary I had my oil changed and tire light issue looked at and at the same time asked what was needed for my warranty. This service was conducted at Leith Dodge in Wendell NC. I was informed I was good and nothing needed to be done at that time. I have continued to have my truck serviced at the same place for almost the last 7 1/2 Yearu2019s I lived in NC. Fast forward to today my truck is in the shop and I am being told my warranty is no longer valid because I didnu2019t have a service done on my power train back in Dec 2018 when I was told I was good and no action was needed. My differential is shot along with two exhaust manifold bolts being broke. Anchorage Dodge is charging me almost $2700 for items that should have been covered if the check I asked for would have been done. I called this morning to the Chrysler Rep center, 800-992-1997 and talked with Michael at ext 84067 and he has repeatedly told me that since I didnu2019t have a service done that I asked for and Iu2019m 90 days past my reinstatement period thereu2019s nothing he or his supervisor can do. Michael couldnu2019t find Leith Dodge in your system so he had to look it up on Google, the number he tried he said didnu2019t work so I had to call Leith myself and have a three way call. Currently the service manager is off today and wonu2019t be back till tomorrow. I have just moved back to Alaska and am 4 hours behind Eastern Time. I need my truck for moving and getting around but find it Ridiculous that I am being forced to pay for a service that should have been covered and being told my warranty is invalid because I didnu2019t have a service done that I was told there wasnu2019t anything I needed done when I brought my truck in for service at my 5 year anniversary. I need to talk with someone as soon as possible to get this resolved. I have been a loyal customer for many years and have bought over 5 different vehicles from Chrysler but I am currently very unhappy with the Chrysler rep and how this is being handled. If this can not be resolved you will lose a valued customer that is planning on buying at least two more vehicles in the next 3-4 years. I have sent an email earlier today to the corporate office but have not heard back. Michael the Chrysler rep told me he would speak to his supervisor and get back with me within the hour but here it is 7 hours later and he has not called me back. He also told me he didnu2019t want to be the bearer of bad news but he didnu2019t think anything could be done for me as I was past that 90 day period he stated over and over. I have spent 4 days trying to get this resolved but Chrysler fails to see I was at the dealership at the time that was stated but service was not done at no fault of me. I asked and was told everything was good to go. This is a problem between the dealership and Chrysler not the consumer (me).

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