Chrysler Financial

Chrysler Financial

Chrysler Financial Chrysler Chrysler Filed A Judgement on My Property for A Defective Vehicle Returned! Freehold NJ Nationwide!!. I was financing a Jeep Liberty – which had three re- calls in the first two years. One was not performed correctly and after almost six or seven attempts to trade the car in – I went to FREEHOLD Pontiac GMC Freehold NJ who then – took my vehicle JEEP (Black) Promised me as a DEaler that there would be no issues with Chrysler! They as my dealer took the keys and sold me a 2016 Pontiac Torrent. AGAIN Chrysler was completely informed that their vehicle was not serviced correctly and a list of engine and mechanical failures. I was a sales rep – still am – and relied on my vehicle daily to take me from place to place. AFTER NO Resolution – GMC Freehold – AGAIN – assured me ” we will get you out of the jeep – no more worries!” – I trusted the dealer. I trusted Chrysler. Everyone was in constant contact. The balance was to be voided or reduced into my new car. I paid almost 500 a month for the TORRENT. Traded it in in 2018 after almost 4 years. All was OK I thought!! I NOW have a 9467 judgement against my HOME : at 16 Cardinal Lane HOWELL NJ! UNACCEPTABLE. This should never be!! I would have NEVER returned the JEEP snd gotten into the Torrent IF I knew what was REALLY going on! I was scammed and this must be escalated – this judgement must be removed immediately!!! It has affected my ability in life – it is almost 10K !!! It is wrong and I have 2 FT college students. I am also a cancer survivor with many medical bills. MY HOME is my only asset. My credit is critical to my abilities in the future! CHRYSLER needs to go to the dealer as they took responsibility of the vehicle at trade in! WHY am I responsible and hindered – WHY any JUDGEMENT! I want this removed. I was lied to – I was mislead! I was ripped off for sure! I need this removed asap! I need no other problems with CHRYSLER nor the Management at GMS Freehold Pontiac who oddly – became GMC BUICK – I wonder why?? Probably to protect themselves for what they did to me – YEARS LATER this 9467.00 judgement is on my home! AFFECTS me in life and I did nothing wrong but bring a defective vehicle to a dealer as a trade and got into a new finance. NO one told me they did not pay off Chysler – No one told me this was going to be! Unacceptable ! I need it eliminated asap!!

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