Chuck Carlson

Chuck Carlson

Chuck Carlson Farmington Auto Sales “Mechanically sound” used car starts smoking 10 min after leaving the lot! Farmington Arkansas!!. First of all, this used car dealer has posts on Craigslist in the “for sale by owner” category, which is prohibited. We didn’t even know he was a dealer until we pulled up at the address. He sold me a car on Sat 7.13.13 with an “as is, no warranty” contract and I agreed to it because I honestly thought he was an honest person and I had test driven the car and it seemed great. He told me he was a mechanic so I believed the car would be in good shape needing nothing because thats what he told me. He told me the car was mechanically sound. 10 min after leaving the lot with it, white smoke started coming out of the tail pipe and the engine revved itself so high while in park we thought it would explode. I called the dealer immediately and he didn’t answer, left a voicemail, no answer. He had left for the day. The check engine light came on before we even made it an hr and a half home. I texted him that night, no answer. Sunday 7.14.13 I took the car to O’Reilly and had them connect it to a scanner that checks for problems, the catalytic converter was bad , took it to a mechanic on Sunday morning who looked in the radiator overflow and it was FULL of stop leak… Monday 7.15.13, took it back to O’Reillys to get a printout and had them hook it up again only to find it also had a bad 02 sensor as well. I took off work and drove back to Farmington to see what he would do. He said he knew nothing about the problems or the stop leak, but admitted he told me the car was mechanically sound (I have this conversation recorded). He told me I could leave it with him to look at it, but he was not willing to refund me any money even tho I agreed to let him keep the portion he said he made on the car by selling it to me which was $200, he refused telling me the car “is what it is”. I got estimates for what is wrong and it is $380 if its just one 02 sensor and converter, double that obviously for two. I texted the dealer to offer him one more chance to make this situation right and he finally started texting me back telling me to quit my crying and to shut up and calling me and my sister nasty names and accusing me of putting stop leak in the car myself! He is also denying that he told me the car was mechanically sound and that he knew nothing at all about the car. He knew I bought this car for my son who turns 16 this week, he knew we needed a sound car that needed nothing, he told me this car was good. I feel like I was lied to and I’m positive I was taken advantage of…And now my son turns 16 with a depleted budget and a piece of junk car that we have to put even more money into..All I can say is wow, I definitely made lots of mistakes in buying this car, but hard life lesson learned and I will never make those mistakes again.

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