Chuck Georges Interstate Ford

Chuck Georges Interstate Ford

Chuck Georges Interstate Ford Make sure the financing actually exists! Miamisburg Ohio!!. On 7/31/16 my wife and I visited this dealership with the intention of trading in our half ton pickup for a 3/4 ton diesel which would be more capable of pulling our camper. After a couple hours of shopping and pricing, we chose a 2018 F-250 Super Duty with the Powerstroke diesel, extended bed and XLT package. Finally we were told that I met the criteria for the financing company (to remain unnamed) and that we would be taking delivery right then, on a Sunday (a spot delivery). I questioned this numerous times but I was each time told that it was approved. All of the paperwork was signed, accepting delivery, financing and trading in our current truck and I left feeling like a satisfied customer. The next day I used the truck to pick up our camper from the repair shop and was totally ecstatic with its performance while towing. On 8/3/2018 I was informed by this dealer that they were not able to get me financed and they wanted the truck back. The were citing marks on both mine and my wife’s credit reports for the reason. So now I ask this: As everything was signed, sealed and delivered, should that not have been a done deal? Should they not have made a more genuine attempt to locate financing? During the process of signing all of the paperwork, NOT ONE MENTION OF THE “TRUTH IN LENDING ACT(OR TILA)” was made verbally. They were in a big hurry to get the paperwork signed and us out the door. On 8/5/2018 the 2018 F-250 was turned back in and I took the 2018 RAM 1500 back. During that exchanged I informed the salesperson whom I had been dealing with that I had already been in contact with legal counsel and with the State Attorney General’s Office. In the meantime, numerous people saw me driving the truck and I received a number of compliments. Now how do I deal with the embarrassment of explaining this to them? You don’t go telling someone they have met all of the criteria, delivering the vehicle just to take it away from them within a week That is just plain wrong! For those of you thinking of shopping there my best word of advise is DON’T! If you must, go there, have your financing prearranged or cash in hand and remember the old latin saying “CAVEAT EMPTOR” or simply “BUYER BEWARE.” For those of you wondering about occurrences of this type of situation, it”s a little more common than you think. Look up Patton Vs. Wyler Eastgate Inc and you will see a similar situation. Good luck all!

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