Chuck Van Horn Used Cars

Chuck Van Horn Used Cars

Chuck Van Horn Chysler Dodge Jeep Ram Only Interested in Getting Your Money Plymouth Wisconsin!!. I bought a used Jeep from Roy Edwards last October 29th and I would never ever do business with him or Van Horn ever again. I went 45 miles away because I thought they had a great opportunity for me. Boy, was I wrong. I have purchased cars from Kolosso Jeep and Gandrud Jeep and have had wonderful experiences so I know what good business looks like. At Kolosso, I left with a full tank of gas and 4 free oil changes. I did not see any quality customer service at Van Horn, whatsoever. Not only was Roy juggling me with two other customers on both days I was there, but he verbally promised more for my trade in (over $6,000) than he actually gave me. I knew the car I was interested in had been in an accident but didn’t realize the extent to which it would affect the value. It only came with one key fob and was told I could get another one, but for $200! Upon signing, I found out that the tinted windows were illegal in Wisconsin, (no one had told me about that) so I insisted that needed to be fixed, along with a scratched bumper and a car hood that would not stay up. Roy insisted that it would be fixed in the next week. I left with a car that had not been vacuumed out and a tank filled only a quarter??? After two weeks went by that I didn’t hear anything, I called to set this up. It was like we had never had the conversation. I insisted they come pick up the car and leave me a loaner to use. After 3 days, the car was returned with the bumper fixed…. but with tinted windows still firmly in place and a hood that still wouldn’t stay up. Immediately, we called and the driver had to turn around to come get the car. After several more days, my car was returned once again and now, the tint was removed…. but that hood hadn’t even been touched. Seriously??!! My irate husband called and was basically ignored but the car did go back. Mind you, that was 180 miles of wasted fuel that was not refilled even with the dealer at fault. We insisted they fill the tank when they returned the vehicle for the third time (now at 270 miles), and they did, to half a tank. Can you believe it??? About a week later, the Jeep patches on my floor mats peeled off, the camouflaged fix on the leather interior came off, I noticed my interior lights dimmed every time my right blinker was engaged, and the sun roof leaked when the spring rains came. Go figure!! My husband has recently gone through cancer treatment, so I wanted to refinance in hopes of paying my car off faster to save some money. Our bills had piled up. Unfortunately, I was refused. This was a salvaged vehicle and was worth over $7000 less than I had purchased it for only 6 months prior and the bank wouldn’t even consider it. I felt completely scammed and my trusting nature was taken advantaged of in a big way. I decided to trade it into Kolosso to finally get back to a solid quality vehicle, but they could not offer me anymore than what the bank had valued it at. I decided to get a second opinion and went to Gandrud who could get me even less. I am stuck with a worthless vehicle. The funny thing is, Gandrud had called Van Horn to get a buy back price and a few hours later Van Horn called me to see how I was enjoying my Grand Cherokee. Hmmmm…. coincidence???? After hearing that I was not happy, the salesperson, Chris, asked how they could fix it. After some ideas were given, he asked if I would come down to talk. I said I probably could over the weekend. He then told me that he would talk with Roy Edwards (now unbelievably, the manager) and call me back the next day. Surprisingly he has not called 3 days later and I am hardly shocked. I am not sure I would even be comfortable leasing a NEW vehicle from them for fear it would have hidden problems. I cannot believe that Jeep is still associated with this dealership. I am very disappointed in this dealership and after hearing of other complaints, I will continue to warn people against going to this dealership through every channel I can find.

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