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I am writing this report concerning the social media website known as: Christianity-Free Christian Network or also known as I am tired and fed up with this site for several reasons: | 1) I wish to contact them so that my profile will be removed from their site and when I try to use their feedback messenging service it is slow and fails to reach the administration whom I am trying to contact. | 2) I learned from the site known as that you can contact the administration to help you take care of deleting your account. They even gave a link to do so but when I tried the link to the site this also failed as well. | 3) On the site they even stated that someone was having problems with this site as well. They said that one of their guests on the site even reported that even though they used the settings feature at the bottom of the site’s webpage and clicked the deletion button they were still visible on the site even though they clicked this. | I actually looked to see if this feature was available on this site and it seemingly was no longer available. How even more annoying and irritating. | I think this site is problematic, and it is a failure, a disgrace, a shame, an embarrassment, and dysfunctional also. It is also as well crooked, unscrupulous, unprincipled, ********, backward, annoying, and sick as a social media site that needs to be shut down for good. | Unless this site helps me I am filing this report against this site so that it eventually will be terminated by the hosting company that is currently hosting it.

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