CIG Financial

CIG Financial

CIG Financial approved me for an old vehicle that broke down 1 month later and did nothing about it loan was over $15,000 Irvine California!!. CIG Financial approved me for a loan for over $15,000. $10,669.50 is the amount financed + $5,098.56 is ther finance charge. I desperately needed and still need a vehicle. So i signed so i may have a means of transportation. My actual complain is that the vehicle began to fall appart. Approx 40 days after I had vehicle it totally broke down and I was on the freeway shoulder. Prior to this I was letting the dealer know what was going on as well as CIG Financial. Truck had been stalling, passenger window just fell all the way down inside of door, i had a couple of flat tires already and when i got first flat i went to go change it but there was no jack. The handle on the driver side door just yanked completely off when i tried to close the door. The list goes on and on. I am emailing and texting the dealer and CIG Financial with everything that is going on. I even made a list of all things that were happening and emailed and texted to dealer and CIG Financial. Expired tags, broken mirror, bald tires, dashboard read airbags didnt’t work. Just a nightmare up until it got worse! Truck finally broke down on side of freeway. I contacted CIG Financial and “really complained” so they got a hold of the dealer… dealer towed truck back to his lot to “fix it” is what CIG Financial told me. Dealer gave me a loaner, and old beat ip car with torn seats, just ugly. It was fine with me because they we going to fix the truck. So about 3 weeks go by and im wondering why itnis taking so long and when i ask they tell menit is not ready yet. So Im thinking that is great because they must be fixing everything that is on the list. I made a “check off list” of all that needed to be fixed on vehicle. Both dealer and CIG Financial have that list, inactually sent it numerous times. I get a phone call from dealer telling me truck is ready. I pull in the lot he takes keys to the loaner and backs my truck out to the driveway. Im happy at first appearance because the truck is running again. I see the tags were updated and he fixed the broken mirror. That was all he did! I dont know how he got it to turn on but once i get in and begin to drive off… Truck was the same if not worse off. Wanted to stall and was highly reving and would not shift gears till after 5500 to 6000 rpms. Window was still not working and i just noticed he did nothing at all to fix it, he just got it to turn on and gave it back to me. I let CIG Financial what was going on and I hear nothing back. Truck totally broke down again after about 10 days or so of stalling all the time. Parked in my garage. CIG Financial did nothing for me. They told me they could not do nothingnfor me. I said if you had not financed me a vehicle that doesn’t work we would not be in this mess, but you did. On and on back and forth for a while. All i was asking for was to either get it fixed, get meninto another vehicle of either equal or lesser value but that actually works or take this one back but dont put against my credit so that i may go somewhere else and try and get a vehicle. Did not work with me at all, quite the contrary. The harassment begins about them wanting their payment. So i in turn also ask about what they are doing about my situation. All my losses due to the loan of a deceiving product. It looks like a truck, it smells like a truck, it feels like a truck but when i try to use it I CANT. They did not want to hear nothing but when when were they going to receive a payment. Now im desperate and already got fired because incohld not make it to work. I had numerous friends look at truck and try to get it running again after byuing part after part after part but i had no luck. CIG Financial was not doing anything to help but the harassment back and forth continued. Meanwhile i lost on a couple other opportinities for jobs because i still have no meansnof transportation. I asked them how is it that the simple daily tasks get done? Shopping, school, work, football practice, pay bills, go tobthe park, visit family, visit friends… All they want is their payment. I had to and still am askingnfor favor after favor after favor, ride here, ride there. It is very frustrating and annoying. I DID NOT PUT MYSELF IN THIS SITUATION. So now they have reposessed the vehicle because I took it out of the garage. They have the truck back. They got what ever money they got out of me and are goingnto get the next person whom they financethat vehicle to. They lost nothing, dealer lost nothing. Now what about me? Why did they leave me in this situation. Now that repo on my credit, all that I lost, all that im losing and all that i will continue to lose because CIG Financial approved the loan for somethingn that wasn’t and did not nothing to even try and correct it. I have a lot of text messages saved as well as emails. They did this to me and it put me and my family in a hard and stressful situation. As if times are not hard enough already they just put cherry on top. If there is anybody out there that can help me. Or even ill get through this somehow but something needsnto be done about CIG Financial and serve them the same platter they served to me. Phew. I got something off my chest. ANYBODY PLEASE HELP! Thank You!

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