Circle M Auto Sales

Circle M Auto Sales

Circle M Auto Sales Sold us a car that was fine for a few hours. Seems to be rigged just to be sold. Joplin, Missouri!!. We bought a 1994 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 convertible with 88,000 miles from Circle M Auto Sales. We took it for a test drive, everything seemed to work as it should. We knew it needed a new top, but decided to go ahead and buy it. They promised to send us a new plastic piece for the dash that was cracked, that never happened. We thought it was a little strange that when we came out the car was already running, but went ahead and started to drive it home. It made it from Joplin to Republic about 50 miles, no problems. When we got it home we turned it off, a few minutes later we came back out to go to the store. It would not start. About an hour later once it got cooled down it started. We drove it around, it warmed back up, shut it off, no start. Also the front end started shaking and wobbling. Tried to take it to a shop to be fixed, it died halfway there and wouldn’t start. Had to be towed. The shop found out it was the computer, the Optispark distributor, spark plugs and wires that cost $1900. We wanted to get an alignment done, because of the shaking and wobbling in the front end. Now we are told it’s the rack and pinion $518. None of this was evident when we bought the car. Only the top needed to be fixed. That cost us $750. In the month that we’ve had the car, we have gotten to drive it a week. It has cost us almost $3200 to have this car SAFE to drive. They rig them enough to sell. They also want you to bring the car back to have them inspected, I’m sure by someone who will pass it no matter what. Do not buy from these people.

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