Cirro Energy / U.S. Retailers

Cirro Energy / U.S. Retailers Complaint

Been a customer with Cirro Energy for over 4 years have the same Payment Due Date for years. I have paid early or on time since becoming a customer. However, without my permission or any notification to me, Cirro has moved UP my Payment Due date 2 times within 2 months. I called them after the first statement, and given false hope that they would change my date. The second payment they moved the date UP another 2 days! The due date went from the 10th to the 2nd! a week’s difference (a pay check difference) I contacted them twice and I was told they could not help me. I was told by the supervisor my request was not approved because I did not pay a deposit when I signed up. Deposits are paid for high risk customers. Since I have excellent credit, a deposit was not required. Yet they say I’m not eligible for the Pick Your Due Date program ?? I did not even know they had a program. I want to change by Payment Due Date back to the 8th but I’m not allowed ? The WORST customer service ever. I don’t like surprises on my bill and I don’t like being misinformed. Needless to say, I will be finding another energy service company by using my Power to choose option!

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