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The Proctor is call Andy (BinBin Wu) Cisco CCIE Beijing Exam center is asking money from candidate during lab test. if the examiner (called Andy) is no receive what he wants, he will add troubleshootings to this candidate till he fails. I do not think it is a request, it is a threat! adding troubleshooting is legitimate for CCIE testing, but asking money is another issue. I do not believe it till I saw it from my naked eyes. One candidate is forced to leave the center in order to withdraw money or the examiner. I think Andy is picking the victim based on his mood, and I am lucky as I am holding an Australia password so he did not choose me. This seems to be well known among those Chinese candidates. I am telling what I know: test center is located in Beijing. I first know about it on 9th Jan, one person I know got threaten during RS lab test. I was told Andy ask him to transfer 10000 RMB to his Wechat (a mobile phone app in China) or Andy will do something during his lab test. The candidate did not do it at 9th, but at 10th and he received his score as passed. Usually the score will be published at the same day, but he did receive in the second day after making a payment. I saw it on 16th Jan. What I saw was Andy came to a Chinese girl. After a while, the girl left and brought a paper back for Andy. that is a bank transaction receipt. I cannot do anything seriously, I am not allowed to bring a mobile phone so I can not provide any evidence, I believe that is the reason Andy – the enterprise is so confident to do this. People complaint to the Asia exam center and they do not give it a *!!! of course they say we do not have evidence. I know the victim in person if you want something please contact me here. 10080RMB is the exam fee in China, now someone needs to double it. It could be anyone next time, and I hope can do something for this.

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