Cittone Institute

Cittone Institute

Where to begin? I went to talk to the people at admissions in the beginning of year 2000. I was not sure what aspect of the computer field I wanted to get into but I knew I wanted to be involved in this growing field. They had me take a test and they told me I was very intelligent. I already had a masters degree in education so they were not telling me anything I did not know. I was then told I should go into the networking field and was advised to sign up for those classes. (That course of study was also the most expensive). I was then taken over to the financial aid department and signed a whole bunch of forms and that proved to be a mistake that took years to payback. | The program was about 8 or 9 modules to complete. I started off and almost immediately problems began. The “teacher” was anything but an educator. He was rude, sexist, racist and did anything but teach. I complained up the chain of command. Everytime I complained to one of the powers that be I was told that they were “uncomfortable” with discussing the staff without them present. The administration promised to come into class and observe the teacher but never did. The more I complained that the teacher was doing anything but teaching the more nasty the teacher became. I was learning nothing, and nobody seemed to care. I was not alone, as many of my peers in class also had problems. The teacher was making sexist comments to the female students. Some were immigrants and they were too scared to say anything. | Before the end of the first module the school informed me that I was the problem and that I was not a good student. I went so far as to threatend that I would drop out of school and go somewhere else, Cittone’s response was that they were an accredited school and no other school would offer such a high quality education. I foolishly decided to stay for the 2nd module. That was my big mistake. I didn’t last more than 2 weeks into Mod 2 before I was falsely accused to vandalizing the school and expelled. Once again I was told I was a problem student, and all my troubles were my fault. | I left Cittone or should I say Shittone institute and went to another school. I completed the program at the other school and went on to work for a few years as a network tech and made some good money. Since then I went back to school and earned 2 more masters degrees and have taught at the college level. Not bad for someone who was a “bad student.” | I should point out that the woman who was in charge of the campus I was at: Ramsey, NJ was named Laurie Brown and I was told she was married to the president of the school. So complaining to her was useless. I wrote to her husband in hopes that would do something for me…that letter proved to be a waste of my time and a waste of good paper and a stamp. Bottom line is the Shittone institute was a fraud, a scam and a fake school. A BIG WASTE OF MY TIME AND MONEY

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