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I am a student of City College in Fort Lauderdale, but not for long. I am very upset with their education system and how they have scammed me. I first went there as I was interested in a certain program but they baited me to taking another program. | I signed up for it and went to Financial Aid and I asked FA if I need to pay now or once I graduate and they said once I graduate and how I qualified for a Pell Grant etc. Next time I saw FA they told me I no longer have Pell and need to make payments out of pocket. I did not have money as I did not have a job at the time. | I do not even know which loan company I am under as they never told me. Even the paperwork they gave me that I took home to my girlfriend and her friend who works for a University, did not even see the Loan company on there. Another thing, which just recently happened is FA told me after a year and a half, that I do not have my high school diploma so wouldn’t be able to finish classes until I got one. | I then had to contact my high school to find out my FCAT scores for math caused me to not get my diploma and I had to call around to see if my ACT scores will count. How could this school enroll me in the first place if I did not have a diploma? And to give me student loans on top of it? | I was able to get this resolved finally, but since my mother did not file her taxes last year I cannot continue school unless I pay out of pocket and it is a high amount that I cannot even afford on a monthly basis. They are pretty much forcing me to withdrawal from school. | I am coming to find out that my credits here won’t even transfer to another school since they are not Regionally Accredited and will have to retake some classes but I won’t even get to do that until I pay them some hold they have on my account to release my Official Transcripts. | They have really screwed me over. I contacted the Financial Aid director once and she never replied and the girl at my school was shaking one day and didn’t know what answers to give me. Plus when I called that I hit a traffic jam and will be 10 minutes late, they couldn’t even wait for me. | That is not exactly helping the students. I thought I accomplished something when I made President of the Broadcasting Club, but because I missed a week due to a planned vacation that I spoke to my teachers about in advance, I was kicked out from being President and the guy told me that even the days I do not have class such as Saturday and Sunday count towards my absences from the school. | That makes no sense. I spoke to a former student who just graduated and he said he cannot find work in his field and pretty much everything he learned was garbage. Something very shady is going on with this school and the Financial Aid and they seriously need to be investigated. | Baiting and switching student’s, enrolling them without a degree and realizing after a year into the program (most likely because they are being audited), and then Financial Aid not giving the truth about what you are paying for, why, what loan company they signed you up for, they don’t explain anything. | Now I have all this student loan debt from this school and just really want to switch to a better college for an IT degree such as Broward College or somewhere accredited where I wouldn’t be lied to and know exactly what I am getting into. | I could definitely use some Loan Forgiveness if it existed and this school definitely needs to go out of business as it does not seem to care about the students and more so how much money it can make off of the lower income people such as myself.

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