City Island Auto Body Inc

City Island Auto Body Inc

City Island Auto Body Inc Owner Eddie Norcia While delivering my car after 3 months City Island Auto did not put transmission fluid in my car and destroyed my transmission and wants me to cover the cost plus $5,000 in storage and towing Bronx New York!!. On January 26th I had an auto accident during a snow storm. I hit a tree because the roads had not been salted in Yonkers, NY. I was only traveling 20 mph. I called my insurance company (State Farm) to report the accident. My car was towed to City Island Auto Body Inc in City Island, NY (Bronx, NY) State Farm covered the repair however, the Auto Body shop had my car for 3 months claiming they could not get parts because the car was a 2018 KIA Cadenza and parts were not available. According to the repair shop. After numerous calls I was given different stories why my car was not finished. EG- Wrong parts sent, not available, etc. On April 24th I was told my car was finished and City Island Auto Body Inc was delivering my car to my home. On the way from City Island Auto Body Repair Inc my cars transmission seized. I was called and told the car was now being towed to a local KIA shop in Yonkers, NY. After diagnoses by KIA it was determined that City Island Auto Body Inc did not put transmission fluid in the transmission. I told City Island Auto Body Inc to leave the car at KIA in Yonkers, NY and I would take care of the transmission since State Farm stated the transmission was NOT covered because of the accident and that it was City Island Auto Body, Inc.u2019s fault. After the repair City Island Auto Body Inc picked up the car from KIA without my knowledge and kept my car hostage until I paid $7,100.00 for the repair. KIA only charged $2,300 for the new transmission. After 7 months without a car, City Island Auto Body will not release my car until I pay them $7,100 for a $2,300 transmission. City Island Auto Body is charging me $90.00 a day storage fees and 4-5 towing fees. This company, City Island Auto Body, Inc This company is trying to SCAM me because of their OWN negligence. The car has been under the Care, Custody and Control of City Island Auto Body, Inc since the day of the accident. The owneru2019s name is EDDIE NORCIA the address is 138 City Island Ave. Bronx, NY 10464

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