City of Menifee Code Enforcement Division

City of Menifee Code Enforcement Division

The City of Menifee Code Enforcement Division does absolutely nothing to address code violations whatsoever. The Manager, Lionel Martinez, direct extension 951-723-3868 cell 951-821-1557, never answers the phone. He always hopes that the caller will leave a messsage so he can pass it of to a so-called “Office Specialist” and avoid all public contact. | There was one “Office Specialist” who outsmarted Lionel Martinez by never answering her phone either and never called anyone back either and Lionel Martinez responded by saying why I am getting these calls? It took one caller eight (8) attempts to get Lionel to begrudgingly answer his phone after sitting there letting it go to voicemail but the caller blocked their caller id so Lionel could not pass it off as expected . . . | He spends most of his day talking to a Management Analyst Edna Lebron and just goofing off. He is on a probationry appointment until 05/2020 and has called in sick due to faked headaches for three (3) weeks? He also lists a bogus “hotline” phone number 951-246-6214 which is nothing but an answering machine on his email signature line to avoid public contact. Not surprisingly, most if not all of the message on this supposed “hotline” say how Lionel Martinez never called them back? | Check out this link – note how is office extension is left blank | Of course, he was hired by a so called building official colin mcnie who has now since retired and was counting on the fact of passing his probation was automatic due to his brownosing but now that is not so certain. There was a maintenance supervisor, Mark Cooper who was fired 2 days before his probation ended . . . something that will likely happen to Lionel Martinez . . . he still has 2 months from today to go . . . a long time left on a probation where you called in sick that much . . . | In one instance, a real estate agent caught Lionel Martinez on camera removing legally placed open house signs and called the police and the district attorney set a $60,000 bail bond loan for the arrest of Lionel Martinez. | Menifee Code Enforcement is a scam!!! | Lionel Martinez is a scam!!

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