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I had a small tree that I cut up in my yard, coensidently I had a note left on my door from this company advertising tree services. I called and set up a time for Erik Davidson (THE OWNER) to come and look at the tree, we worked out a quote and set a date for him to come …the first date we set up he canceled, the second date we set up he called 5 min before and said that he felt he had under estimated the job and that he didn’t want to do it, after questioning him about what changed he became very defensive and even began texting me not so very nice messages saying things that did not make sense? I tried calling him and he refused my calls. He then contacted me and told me that he had mistaken me for another customer that he was having bad dealings with, so once again we set up a date for him to come (for the 3rd time). When THAT date came he sent me a text saying that he no longer wanted to do my job AGAIN, that he had underestimated the job!!!!! for goodness sake it was a very small tree and he is a TREE and landscaping service! I would steer clear of doing business with this company they are untrustworthy and unreliable!

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