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Work Completed Date: January 15, 2013 Cost: $93, 430.40 My partner and I are a married gay couple from New Jersey. In 2011, we purchased a single family home in the upscale neighborhood of Coral Ridge in Fort Lauderdale. I am a realtor in New Jersey and Florida. Our new house needed renovation, so I asked a colleague at my office for a referral. This contractor my colleague referred to me took our money, then demolished half the interior, and never showed up again. We quickly learned that there aren”t many honest contractors in South Florida. We went to our LGBT attorney in Wilton Manors who helped us go after the swindling contractor. During our conversations with our attorney, we talked about our need to proceed with our renovations and our attorney recommended City Wide. He said that Peter is a good friend and that they play softball together. So I called City Wide for a proposal. Pete came over, we signed the contract (even though it was a lot of money), and then the horror story started. His workers are the worst. His wife, Dana, has a cleaning business on the side, but her workers are not good at all. In addition, two of his workers, Jose and Dante, have passive-aggressive personalities. They do not speak English. My husband and I were not home during the days, so they would leave the doors open and let in all kinds of bugs and mosquitoes. They left the back door wide open when they left at the end of the day. This happened more than once. City Wide”s worker, Alan the plumber, had an assistant who cleaned his tools in our swimming pool making rust stains on the steps and floor of the pool. City Wide”s tile guy severely damaged my floors and used my garage as a workshop without my permission damaging some furniture I had stored in there. His electrician, Luis of PowerPoint Electric, put electrical outlets in the wrong places and damaged my new backsplash. My brand new interior doors were painted by hand with dirty rollers instead of spray painting them. So much went wrong…I could go on and on. Peter was hardly ever here to supervise his workers. I paid an additional $18, 000 to another company for my new kitchen appliances. At the time of delivery, Peter and his workers did not treat them with care. So many of my possessions got damaged and my window treatments were also damaged. It turned out to be such a mess! I called our LGBT attorney in Wilton Manors and found out that he was not in good health now and was dying. We let Peter finish what he said he was going to do. It took six long months, much longer than what the contract promised. I got scared when he said he owned a gun. We paid him a total amount of $93, 430.40. We had to refinance our property to replenish our savings after paying him. But our bank wanted the Notice of Commencement terminated. Pete would not do that, even after paying him. He wanted my partner and me to sign a “letter of 100% satisfaction” which we refused to sign. We had to hire another attorney to terminate his Notice of Commencement. That was another cost we had to pay. I could go on and on about the weird and crazy things Peter and his workers did to us. I have emails and photos. In fact, I have a final email from Peter that is coarse and vulgar. The City Wide Group has been on Angie”s List since 2013. No one wrote a review until recently. I believe that these “good” reviews are faked, since they contain the same language. Believe me, my review is the truth. Stay away from City Wide Group!!! I waited two years before writing this review. I really feel ripped-off! Over the past two years, I have had contractor after contractor over the house trying to get things back to normal. The City Wide Group does terrible work and they don”t care about customer service or customer satisfaction. I believe all they care about is the almighty dollar. Pete even bragged to me about getting his wife a Rolex watch and buying his daughter a brand-new car. Pete even tries to recruit sub-contractors through his Facebook page!

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