City Wide Transmission Chicago

City Wide Transmission Chicago

City Wide Transmission/Chicago VINCE SCAM SHOP! Chicago Illinois!!. Michele, Lauren, and others are right in reference to “Vince” and City Wide Transmissions here in Chicago. Before I explain my situation let me tell you about a few things. First of all, a personality, character trait doesn’t change. Everyone is not lying on this man “Vince”. And for those 4 and 5 star reviews on this place is unreal to me on yelp. These people have to be their family members, friends, etc. Secondly, I looked under the 10 most reputable transmission shops in Chicago and City Wide came up. If I had read the reviews on Yelp I would have looked else where for sure. I went to City Wide Transmission because my vehicle was changing gears rough. A former diagnostic test stated that my transmission was missing codes. “Vince” told me that he could not tell if the transmission was bad because the fluid was running out like water, (Lie) . He would have to fix a part that rotted out at the bottom and add a new oil cooler hose. This would cost me $275 in labor and $146 for the part costing me $432. 3 days later after fixing this part he calls and tell me the car is still riding rough and that it would cost me $2500 for a used transmission from the junk yard labor and all. Check this out….I asked him what kinda warranty comes with the transmission and he stated 90 days but if something goes wrong with the trans I would have to go to the junk yard myself. How in the hell am I going to take my vehicle to the junk yard? And you guys are the mechanics. Finally….here’s the nail in the coffin. This car was suppose to be under warranty repairs. I spoke to the warranty company after “Vince” ran a scam on me. Bob stated that Vince was well aware of my vehicle not being covered under warranty because he had told Vince when he had called with my contract number. This is why Vince told me he could not tell if anything was wrong with the transmission until he did repairs. Because if I had known I was not covered I would not had authorized the work to be done. So I paid $432 and drove home in a car that was not repaired. CONSUMER BEWARE!!! When a person comes to companies like this under distress and have shysters like Vince beat them out their money and ready to call the police there after. Says a whole whole lot. I tell you again. These people who are upset and angry. Are not upset and angry for nothing. These people took their time to write in detail like myself to vent out the blatant mistreatment by this man. This is why I am writing in detail. We are not lying….do your homework…do your research…I will definitely contact the site who posted these guys as being in the top 10….I-team or 20/20 undercover investigations need to hit this shop. And I hope this $432 is worth the negative feed back I am about to give you Vince. When situations are overt, outrageous, etc. Like this…it usually has something to do with gambling, drugs, or young women.

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