CJ Wilson Mazda of Orland Park

CJ Wilson Mazda of Orland Park

CJ Wilson Mazda of Orland Park Orland Park Mazda Incompetant, Unreliable, Uncaring, Worst Customer Service Ever. Orland Park Illinois!!. In July I received a letter from Mazda stating that airbag recall 7914J was ready to be performed on my 2007 Mazda 6. I am getting ready to sell or trade it in so I can buy a new car so I wanted to be sure everything was up to par. On Monday Aug 10 2018 I went on-line to CJ Wilson Mazda web site and booked a service appointment for Thursday Aug 13 2018 at 7:45 am, and checked the box for shuttle service so that someone could take me to work. I included the recall number 7914J as well as my VIN and contact information. I checked the optional box to be contacted, and wrote to please call me or email me on Tuesday Aug 11 to confirm that A) CJ Wilson Mazda had the part needed for the appointment, and B) That I could be transported to work on Aug 13. When nobody had contacted me by 5:30 on Tuesday, I called C J Wilson Mazda and asked for Service. They transferred me to parts. I asked the parts gut to transfer me to service. When I finally reached service, I spoke to Oscar. Oscar confirmed my appointment, stated I would be driven to work, and said that they do have the part there, but he needed to confirm that it could be used for my car on Thursday. He said he needed 15 minutes and would call me back. He never called back. On Wednesday morning I called CJ Wilson Mazda again and talked to someone else in service who informed me that Oscar had gone home sick that morning, but didn’t know what transpired the previous evening. This service rep put me on hold while he checked with parts, and confirmed that the part for my car was there, and that my name was on it for the following morning. The following morning I arrived at 7:40 AM at CJ Wilson Mazda and after a short wait while Oscar moved three cars ahead of me out of the way, Oscar checked my car in, completed a visual inspection, confirmed all of my information, assured me that they had the part to perform the recall, had me sign the work order, and sent me upstairs to wait “two minutes” for the shuttle driver to take me to work. It is a newer very clean showroom and waiting area, one I would feel comfortable buying a new car in. It was still before 8 am so there were no salespeople around, but as 2 minutes turned to 10 I looked around at the cars in the showroom, pondering my next purchase. Shortly after 8 am, Oscar came up and told me that they could not perform the repair, as they no longer had the part. They gave it to someone else. They ordered me one; it might be there on Friday Aug 14. Now it was apparent that my first impression was right when they couldnu2019t follow up with a call back as requested. My second impression was right as well, when I called and asked for service and they transferred me to parts. My third impression was right too, when they said they would call back in 15 minutes and never did. As I stood there in disbelief, beating myself up internally for not heading the warnings of the first three impressions CJ Wilson made on me, the only solution they offered me was a loaner, while they kept my car indefinitely until the new part arrived, and could then be installed. As much as I would have liked to take their loaner car and beat on it to take my frustrations out, I am not that kind of person. I asked for my car back and informed Oscar that based on their total lack of customer service, and obvious incompetence, I would not trust them to babysit my car until the part arrived, much less install it properly or even remember to call me if/when my car ever got completed. I asked for my car back, and drove myself to work, arriving late. CJ Wilson had a chance u2018 several chances u2018 to win my business. They totally failed. I am dropping my car off this morning at another dealer, and will not be buying my new Mazda from CJ Wilson. Maybe you will have better luck.

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