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I had applied for a property on a Saturday and received texts from Tyler. I tried to call him so that we were not going back and forth on texts and I could ask questions about the property. He would not answer only text, which I thought was strange and unprofessional. We were also required to send in pictures of our photo IDs along with our social security numbers (we were out of state), which no property has asked me to do until I am about to sign a lease. However, I did not question anything at the time and cooperated. I tried to send in a 2nd application but they were having computer glitches. I was called by Randall on Sunday. At first, he seemed friendly and answered some questions. I finally submitted the 2nd application, but heard absolutely nothing back from Randall or Tyler. On top of that Randall promised he would take more pictures of the condo and send them to me, which never happened. I texted both Randall and Tyler once Sunday evening and again Monday morning, but still had absoluetely no reply. This made me suspicious and nervous sense they now had all of our personal info. I had to call Randall Monday evening and finally he answered. He insisted we needed a 3rd application for someone who was only going to be a cosigner IF needed. But we did in fact qualify for the rental amount and she would not be living with us. I did not argue, but simply asked Randall why he still needed all of her info. He did not give a clear answer just saying their business policy, but again I cooperated and sent in her info. Tuesday rolled around and still no word from either Tyler or Randall. I found a different number to call on Wednesday and Randall answered. I was polite and friendly and asked about the status of our applications. Randall paused and replied the condo was rented out. I simply replied “Do you not reach out and let your applicants know their status?” I was not rude, I remained calm. Any time I had spoken to Randall I had been professional and polite, but only questioned once why he needed the 3rd person’s info if she was not living with us after all. Questions you would ask ANY property you were giving very personal info to, especially IDs, social, etc. Randall replied “You are argumentative. Have a nice day.” And hung up on me! I have moved to 6 states for work, have dealt with countless apartments and rental properties (all in good standing) and have NEVER been treated so poorly. It makes me VERY suspicious why they would insist on having all of our info, but never get back to us at all. I WILL BE REPORTING TO RIP OFF REPORT, BBB, AND ANY SITE I CAN TO WARN PEOPLE. Do NOT rent from or send in your info to these rude, unprofessional people. I do not appreciate being jerked around and handing over our very sensitive and private info for no good reason. If any of our info is sold or used for criminal use, I will be taking legal action.

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