CL King Towing Company

CL King Towing Company

CL King Towing Company terrible experience Internet!!. On Friday, February 22, 2013, my daughter was involved in an accident and the vehicle was towed by the CL King Towing Company to their lot. On Monday, I called to find out what documents I needed to bring with me in order to leave with the vehicle, The CL King Towing employee I spoke with informed me that only the title was required. I specifically asked if I needed all three documents (title, registration, and insurance) and he confirmed that only the title was necessary. We set up an appointment at 3:45 in the afternoon the same day. I showed up with my wife on the day of my appointment on time and greeted a man by the office, who directed me to a man who was supposed to release the car to me in the yard. I introduced my wife and myself, and handed him the title. The man laughed at me and very rudely told me that the registration and insurance were required in addition to the title in order to release the car to me. I informed him that when I called, I was told that only the title was required. Overall, my first trip to the CL King Towing Company showed that the employees of the company were uncooperative, condescending, and had an agenda to inconvenience their customer. I had to take another day off work to pick up the car. I showed up again on time for the second appointment and presented all three documents along with my drivers license. The man I was speaking to told me he didnt need the title to release the car. The CL King Towing Company employees clearly expressed no knowledge of the rules and regulations to the customary practices of their own business. Every individual I spoke to expressed unprofessionalism and made my experience inconvenient, difficult, humiliating, and angering. I, the customer, was called a jack-a*s by one of the employees. I would like to make a complaint about the dress code (or lack thereof) of the CL King Towing employee who released the vehicle to me. His physical appearance was very unprofessional in that his pants were so low that when he bent over, an inappropriate part of his body was made visible to my wife and I. We were very offended by this. When all the forms were completed, the individual working with me told me the amount owed, and I asked if they took debit or credit. Mockingly, he replied that they only took cash. I was not informed of this beforehand and was forced to waste even more of my time by visiting an ATM. In the fifty years of my life, I have never encountered a so-called service that was so disrespectful, misleading, and unhelpful. The encounter my wife and I were forced to have with the CL King Towing Company cannot be changed, but I hope this doesnt happen again to anybody else using their service.

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