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Even though Federal tax dollars compliments of me and YOU come to Nevada and Clark County, that money is wasted. Allow me to explain. Citizens that live south of Sahara Boulevard acually live in unincorporated Clark County! Those taxpaying Senior and other Legitimate Citizens of these United States Dont recieve Any benefits of being a citizen thanks to the Casinos of years past. | These people including myself dont benefit from Federal Housing laws and statutes, you can be evicted or searched on anybodys whiim and blacklisted from obtaining new housing, building Safety codes, are non exsistent! You’re constantly harrassed by Las Vegas Metro and that includes senior females that dont go along to get along. A kid under 16 can go into any drinking establishment with any adult and served liquor and drugs! Mind you, Las Vegas is known for Human Trafficking among other nasty, vile things! | Illegal Aliens Have far more rights and those who are so far to the left they should be consideted citizens of Russia. | Don’t even think about a fair trial, a thinking just judge theyre part of a system that places you in an established privatised prison and Metro police gets a cut from your unfortunate circumstances. They dont even care if youre the wrong person. Justice is absent if you resemble someone closely enough. If you are planning to move here keep those facts in mind. It is essentially an Illegal Sanctuary County, City, and State Mr. Sandoval.

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