Clarks Motors Port jervis ny

Clarks Motors Port jervis ny

Clarks Motors Port jervis ny Jean Clark (owner) Bill (only dealer) car Dealer sold me a car for 8,000.00 brakes roder tires and struts were shot. They took 2 mths for them to fix it. and than really messed the reaer end up . when asked for them tho fix it, or give me port jervis ny , New York!!. Went to Clarks motors in port jervis ny. They were so nice in the beginning. They told me everything that was wrong with the car ,and promised to have it all done before I took it off the lot. I took off the lot and nothing was done to it… It took them 2mths for them to even fix it, than when they did it the struts in the back were done so wrong and I have not had the chance yet to enjoy this car. I called them on 7/23/12 and asked for my monies for the down back and they told me NO! So I called the ny state attorney generals office and they referred me to this web site. If you are from the N.Y area and need a car this is not the place to go. I will also be contacting my local news station to come speak with me… in this economy placing a down on a car and having a company make you feel like this was the deal and than totally renig on there end when its time to go fourth on the word they gave you really hurt my pocket. Thanks Rachel(((REDACTED)))

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