Classic Mustangs LLC

Classic Mustangs LLC

Classic Mustangs LLC Terry Moreland Destroyed my Mustang Castle Rock Colorado!!. I took my 70 Mustang in for some body work and some engine work. I was quoted 3800 for the work and had to pay half up front Every time i came to look at my car they had done nothing but told me they found more problems. By the time they were done the job was almost double.. then they found more problems and then when I told them to just stop working they hit me with a bill for #11000.00 and wouldnt return my car. I had to take out a loan to get my car back. In the beginning Terry was really polite and respectful and talked about how he was former Navy like I am. But when I put a stop to the work the nice guy disappeared and he turned into a total a*****e and told me how he would own my car in a week if I didnt come up with the money. Whe I got my car back the work was terrible and now 6 months later the paint is falling off and the “world class” body work he says he does is really k-mart bondo and bottom shelf paint. Evidently Terry has a knack for fooling lots of people. Be smart and stay away. No matter what he says, I don’t think he was ever Navy. If he was I would bet they kicked him out.

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