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Classic Parts

Classic Parts Sat on order for one week Riverside Missouri!!. I ordered a stop lamp switch (brake light switch) on April 2nd, 2019 for my ’51 Chevy pickup, which is my daily driver. The switch failed which caused my brake lights to stay on constantly, even when the truck was turned off. I had to disconnect it and drive without brake lights until the part arrived. Classic Parts is in Kansas City, Missouri and I am located in Missouri, about 3 hours away from KC. Today, April 7th, I recieved an email saying part of my order was on back order, and I needed to let them know if I wanted to cancel, wait for it to come in, or have them send a partial order, but it didn’t say what part was on back order. It had been a full week since i placed the order, and I wanted to know why it took so long for them to notify me about the back order, and also to find out if the brake switch was available. I got on their site and checked my order first, and it showed the switch was back ordered, but the brake pedal pad was not. So I called and talked to the dept for “questions about orders” guy. I gave him my order number, and he told me that “those emails go out a lot when they’re not actually suppose to, and it may not be on back order.” (This is the second time in 3 or 4 months this has happened, so I was surprised to hear him say that.) He checked and then told me that they “have hundreds of those in stock”, so it wasn’t really on back order, after all. I then asked why, when the order was placed a full week ago, that it won’t be shipped until tomorrow, 8 days after the order was made. I told him it’s for my daily driver and I could be pulled over and ticketed for not having brake lights. He gave me a shpeel about how it can take 4 or more days to actually get the orders shipped, to which I reminded him that the catalogs that they send out says that if an order is recieved by 2pm, it will be shipped the same day.(??) He said, “Oh, that’s been in the catalogs for years”, and that they don’t go by that. (?!?!) I told him it’s also on their website under the shipping heading. I told him that sitting on my order for a week, then emailing a false message that the necessary part was on backorder when in fact they had hundreds of these parts is bullshit and unprofessional! I then asked who the president or COO was and to give me their number, since it seemed he didn’t give a s**t whether they lie about thier policies. He said there wasn’t just one person, there were 3 or 4, and he couldn’t give me anyones number, but he could give me to “his sales manager”, to which I replied I could just drive up there and scream at someone in person. Then I said, f*ck it, cancel the order, you’ve gotten the last dollar from me you’ll ever get, after reminding him that LMC and Jim Clark auto parts sellers in the Kansas City area sell the same parts Classic Parts sell. He didn’t seem to care. In conclusion, I immediately ordered the part from LMC just across the Missouri/Kansas state line from Classic Parts, and the girl told me I’d have it in 2-4 days, even though it wouldn’t be shipped till the next day (it was 4:55 at the time of the order). I’m ordering this part from a place farther away from me than Classic Parts, and will get it by this weekend. This company has a terrible customer service dept that is condescending, lackadaisicle and lazy. They falsely advertise one thing, then leave buyers in a bind when they sit on their hands and couldn’t care less about their customers, except to get their cash. The forum for old truck owners that I’m on, Stovebolt forums, have many, many negative comments about these unprofessional assholes and their attitude problems, such as telling people who get bad parts that they are wrong, as if all of the guys who work on these trucks every day are idiots.

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