slick operators take advantage of good people Las Vegas, Nevada!!. I decided to sell my classic car, so I posted ads in eBay and craigslist. In a few days, I received a call from a gentleman at Classic Car Trader Net. He explained that if I wanted to sell my car to collectors with deeper pockets than those who shop on eBay or craigslist, I could, for a one-time fee of $100, advertise my car with them. He claimed they would list my car with publications like Hemmings Motors, etc, and recommended I ask for a selling price more than $2000 over my current asking price. He felt certain I would be offered my asking price in short order. Well, I weighed the potential benefits of risking $100 vs. making $2000 and thought it was a risk I was willing to take. The very next day, after posting my ad with them, I received an email from a woman explaining that she was interested in buying my car as a birthday present for her father. She not only offered to pay my asking price but agreed to pay all of my PayPal fees. Seemed too good to be true, right? She claimed she would arrange her own shipping and assume those costs as well. After exchanging a few emails, she contacted me by email to let me know she had sent full payment through PayPal along with extra money to pay for shipping. She explained the shipper wouldn’t let her prepay for shipping. She said she’d sent contact information so I could let the shipper know when I would be available for pick up. Sounded very generous but OK so far. After claiming the money had been deducted from her account and sent to my PayPal account, she suggested I remove my advertisement from the web since the car was allegedly no longer for sale. I checked my PayPal account and guess what…no deposit. When I attempted to contact her about this little problem, she would not reply. I got on the computer to do a little research. She was not who she claimed to be and her info about her shipper was totally bogus. The real shame was I had two other legitimate potential buyers waiting to hear whether the car was still available. The day after this scam came to light, I received an email from with a listing of all the awesome electronic publications in which my car’s ad was posted. Here are a couple of examples:,, but no mention of Hemmings. I am left wondering how much this fictitious person gets of my $100 for stringing me along and screwing up my chances of selling my car. It’s unfortunate that people think they can only make a buck by cheating.

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