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Having graduated from Columbia University in 1989, I’ve been a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist with almost 30 years of experience helping individuals and couples thrive in an interactive approach to therapy. If you struggle with communication in your relationships consider examining core issues to promote healing. Negative behavior patterns are modified as you move from blame and reactivity to sensitivity and compassion toward self and others. My philosophy is this: your childhood and past experiences together with your genetic predisposition all contribute to how you feel about yourself and behave toward others. Alcohol and substance abuse addressed and treated.Communication is a critical component of long term success and joy in a life we share with others. There are effective strategies one can use to improve the exchange of ideas and expression of feelings. Texting is not communicating!Occasional use of Therapy Dog when indicated. CBT techniques utilized.OCD and other anxiety disorders are addressed as people attempt to eliminate unwanted thoughts, feelings and urges. My focus is teaching the skill of non-judgmental awareness or Mindfulness. Rather than trying to change these sensations we work toward acknowledging and accepting present-moment experiences as part of human life.

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