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You love your kids but you feel like you are struggling as a parent. Everyday feels like a battle. You find yourself getting agitated and yelling more than you like. Every morning you wake up and say today will be different, but it isn’t. You lie in bed at night wondering how you can do things differently. You are struggling with your role, taking care or your needs, and how to balance it all. You are tired and having a hard time holding it all together. It’s time for a change.You wish you could enjoy the time you h ave with your children. You know it is fleeting and that they grow so fast and want to enjoy this time. You want to feel confident in your parenting and in yourself. You are ready to help yourself grow so that you can be the parent you know you can be. I am here to help. With online therapy and coaching services, I make it easy to fit sessions into your busy day. Getting started is simple. Go to my website ( and schedule a free 15 minute, no-obligation consult.

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