Clay cooley

Clay cooley

Clay cooley Lies and money ripoffs Dallas Texas!!. Clay Cooley failed to mention the gps system they had installed in my 2018 dodge avenger which is not eben mentioned in my contract i am in the fresh start program since 12 17 2015. Payment agreement 510$ a month plus insurance i have had problems with the dodge avenger throttle body i had to fix 400$. The air pump $520 and so forth all while every month paying the 510$ a month plus insurance while sometimes not being able to sleep in the night because afraid i will lose the car. When you are desperate to. Get/ keep a car you feel trapped so some persons will be located between a rock and a hard situation where there is no other way while certain car lots will take advantage of use my pay off on this 2018 used car 24,500 dollars in2018 and now the payoff is 14,900. And still having to maintain repairs and insurance. The gps is a violation of my rights and privacy due to no concent and not being in the contract itself when do. We get the help we deserve do the owners get every support and we get none. Signed please help.

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