NOT so custom seat covers Internet!!. This company is nothing but liers and theives. When you aren’t satisfied with your NOT so custom seat covers and try to return them, they ignore youre request for return. Then when you try to go through PayPal to get your money back, you can’t because they are considered “custom” and don’t qualify for PayPal protection. I have a 2018 Honda and needed custom leather seat covers. The website claimed to have “in stock” the color I wanted for my year make and model. This ended up not to be the case. The customer service manager promissed that the 2017 seat covers in a different color would work fine and look beautiful in my 2018 and they happened to be “in stock” So I ordered them, they were to be shipped the next day. Then Clazzio offered to embroider the head rests for me, my car has 5, I accepted the extra charge for it and they were to be embroidered and shipped the following day. HOWEVER, that did not happen, after a week of not getting my seat covers that I paid almost $500 for, I contacted them again. According to them it was all MY fault that the seat covers weren’t shipped yet, even though I have emails from them with specifics on the delivery date. Because of this argument, after threatening me to redirect my order because I was complaining, they agreed to refund the embroidery and ship immediately. What they neglected to tell me was that they shipped my seatcovers to a completely different location for the embroidering, hence the extra week. Now 2 weeks time, I finally get the seat covers. 1st issue: the color is WAY off from the inside of my car. 2nd issue: 2 headrests were embroidered, remember I have 5 headrests that were supposed to be done. 3rd issue: broken installation straps. 4th issue: THEY DON’T FIT, they are NOT custom made for my car. So, I did some research and found out that the 2018 seats in my car are NOT the same as the 2017 seats, shocker. Now I email the company again wanting to return and get my $428 back, go figure, I was ignored. They only have a 5day window in their policy, so I emailed again…5x total, to different people, all Ignored…So, now I go through PayPal dispute only to find out that the “not so custom” seat covers are not covered under PayPal protection. Now I’m stuck with seat covers that need to be refitted and dyed to match my interior which will cost me more that the $428 I’m already out. Fantastic. ALL I WANT IS MY $428 BACK FROM CLAZZIO.COM

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