Clean cars

Clean cars

Clean cars Clean cars guaranteed credit and guaranteed rip off imlay city Michigan!!. I purchased a Chrysler mini van from this company and even though there was a warranty nothing was ever covered , however we paid our payments and ultimately spent well over $10,000.00 for a van blue booked at about $3500.00 but I have bad credit so I did what I had to. I had the car almost completely paid off and Clean cars Tammy calls me with a great deal on a Buick . She did a great job of talking it up and we have been driving the same vn for several years so we took the bait. Not even a week after getting the car it started having issues like shaking at speeds over 60 mph and shutting off when it rains .. yes it stalls or will not start when it rains .. They have taken it in 4 times and never found the problem yet I still make my payments and suffer with a car that I can only drive weather permiting.. When I call to complain or threaten not to pay they shut the car off by remote…

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