Clear Choice Construction, LLC.

Clear Choice Construction, LLC. Review

Good afternoon. I Framed a dentist office for him in 2017. | He paid me half of what we agreed to and refused to pay me the other half. | My attorney filed a breach of contract, ect. We went to court where TIM Mccrink, owner of clear choice construction, did not show up. We got a judgment for the amount of 11,800.00 this was in 2018. | He contacted my attorney May of 2019 wanting to settle, we agreed to a settlement, he made one payment and hasn’t made another. After telling my attorney for months he’s going to be sending a check. Today I got a text from Mr. Mccrink stating he’s not paying me anything else,… he stated that he is doing a 250k amonth in sells but has no plans on every paying me. TIM, is a fraud a cheat and a liar.

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