Clear TV Key

Clear TV Key

Purchased and rec’d 2 Clear TV antennas 3/2015, paid extra shipping on a 2 for 1, and worked OK, for a bit, move to a higher elevation, same area, great!, move again, to a lower area, hard by the City, And – NO WAY Jose _ constantly have to reprogam channels, clouds, wind, rain, snow, no matter – TV signals and broadcasys are Microwave, Aren’t they? – Stations say NO MATTER, goes thru bldgs, and all – so I get and don’t get, depends, some NBC, ABC, CBS, one of two, varies, PBS, but Boy! do the religious gimmee, gimmee come thru, guess the BUY airwave time. | SO why do I have to repeatedly and within hour have to auto or plug and play select channels? I do and I’m sick of it – watched the NEW clear TV KEY! how can ir be any better or even as good as this? TOTAL ripoff and NO REFUND, but “you could buy an AMPLIGIER”, for what?

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  1. Melisa Boccard
    June 16, 2020

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