Clearwater Truck Center

Clearwater Truck Center

Clearwater Truck Center Truck Repair Business, overcharged for labor on Invoice #375912 and this not the first time this repair shop has done. The are on the clock on your truck then they work or help another Tech without turning off the clock on the repair they are supposed to be working on. Very under trained with respect to truck repair. Good for only Oil changes and Brake Jobs, very small easy jobs. There fee is still $89.95 an Hour. I would recommend you use anyone else but this repair shop. They cannot be trusted, when you question there actions the management gets real angry with the customer, period. Clearwater Minnesota!!. Truck repair shop charging $89.95 an hour for there services. Very little know about truck repair basic Oil Changes and Brake Jobs and very limited in other repairs. Takes mechical things apart and has no Idea how to repair them. Then they want the customer to buy new parts to fix the problem. When you question there actions the management gets very anger. They start on your repair then the Tech will go help another Tech on another Truck without logging off your repair. They double dip in this manner. Recommend staying away from this shop unless an absolute emergency. No to be trusted. Recent repair for a very simple broken spring in a Fifth Wheel repair. They charged 1.49 Hours to take this Fifth Wheel apart/off the truck. Then they told me it needed a new complete Fifth Wheel. This was insane. So the took the Fifth Wheel to another Truck repair Shop less then 2 miles from Clearwater Truck Center. Not only did they rebuild my Fifth Wheel, they stated that we DID NOT need a NEW Fifth Wheel, they simply rebuild and installed it in LESS TIME than it took Clearwater Truck Center to take it off the Truck. I question there actions in writing to the management and NEVER EVEN Recieved an answer to our Complaint.

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